SuperDrob in Koluszki

Construction of a plant in Koluszki (Poland)

The new investment of SuperDrob S.A ( in the Łódź Special Economic Zone in Koluszki (link:
The planned total cost of this investment amounts to PLN 200 million. We expect to create 650 new jobs. The plant is going to serve as a showcase of the region which lacks dynamic investment projects (the number of the unemployed is 1,500, we are planning to hire between 650 to 1,000 people).
The activities of the plant will involve slaughter, cutting and packaging of poultry (chicken). The commencement of construction work is planned for August 2016 and it will be completed in December 2017. The area of the plant is 22.5 thousand square meters.
SuperDrob exports more than half of the products, mainly to the UK, France, Germany, China, Ireland, Switzerland.
The position of SuperDrob in Poland and Europe is growing. The President of the Capital Group César Lipka speaks about the constant work on the company’s development.
“Our secret is an ongoing work. It means constant improvement, search for new market niches. It is important not to do what everyone else does but to look for something new; to stand out against the competition. „

The project focuses on environmental protection, e.g. through modern biological waste water treatment plant, use of the latest technologies and production systems. We have also established cooperation with local vocational schools in order to train qualified technicians for our plant.
SuperDrob S.A. has been operating on the Polish market for over 22 years, employing more than 2,000 people in total in Karczew and Lodz. We have 3 plants – Karczew (1) and Lodz (2) – poultry processing and convenience food. We are in the 7th position among the largest producers of poultry meat in Poland and 40th position among biggest FMCG companies.
The company is actively involved in charity and social work. It supports foundations, orphanages, youth sports and local events.

• Slaughter of chickens and hens in the amount of 1,300,000 pcs. / week (216,000 pcs./day.)
• Production of raw meat products – 400 tons / week
• The area of the plant is 22.5 thousand square meters

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